Entity: coverage

The coverage entity is intended for the grouping of coverage-related data. A coverage is the protection provided by the policy against a certain risk. AFD 2.0 has more than 100 different entity types with regard to coverage.

Example usage

Below is an example coverage entity of entityType hullVehicle, filled with some attributes. See AFD Online for the complete and up-to-date data catalog with all the attributes listed under the coverage entity.

	"coverage": [ {
		"entityType": "hullVehicle",
		"coverageCode": "2002",
		"coverageAreaCode": ["V"],
		"deductibleAmount": 1500,
		"deductibleBoughtOff": false,
		"letteringAdditionallyInsured": true,
		"amountInsuredLettering": 3000
	} ]

Entity types

Entity type Description AFD 1.0
accident Accident coverage. OD
accidentElsewhere Accident coverage elsewhere. EO
additionalBenefit Coverage data on extra benefits such as 10% additional cover in the case of buildings. EU
additionalCosts Coverage of additional costs. KS
agent Coverage of business agents. DW
agriculturalRisk Coverage of livestock, crops, etc. AY
antennaSunGarden Coverage of antenna, sun and garden damage. AZ
any Generic entityType when the coverage is not specifically named. XD
appliedClaim Information about the coverage applied. XS
artAntiques Coverage of art and antiques. KA
assembly Assembly coverage. MO
audioVisual Coverage of audio, visual and computer. AU
awning Awning coverage. DT
basicHealth Basic health coverage. BZ
bmNoclaimRelapse Coverage of b/m no-claim relapse after claim. DG
bodyJewelry Body jewelry coverage. LS
breakdownAssistance Coverage of (international) (breakdown) assistance. PH
building Building coverage. OP
buildingElsewhere Building coverage elsewhere. OE
businessDamage Coverage of lost profit/turnover after a business interruption. BH
businessDamageElsewhere Coverage of business damage elsewhere. BE
cameraEquipment Camera equipment coverage. DF
cancellation Cancellation coverage. AN
canopy Canopy coverage. LF
car Construction All Risk (CAR) coverage. DC
carElsewhere Construction All Risk (CAR) coverage elsewhere. CS
childcare Childcare coverage. DK
collections Coverage of collections (such as stamps, coins, etc.). DV
companyRestart Coverage of company restart costs. HB
compoundJourney Compound journey coverage. SG
computer Computer coverage. PD
computerElsewhere Coverage of computers elsewhere. CE
construction Coverage of construction and add-ons. BW
creditRisk Credit risk coverage. KR
creditRiskElsewhere Credit risk coverage elsewhere. DN
disability Disability coverage. AO
disabilityElsewhere Disability coverage elsewhere. EA
electronics Coverage of electronics. EC
electronicsElsewhere Coverage of electronics elsewhere. EE
endowment Endowment coverage. IL
endowmentElsewhere Endowment coverage elsewhere. LE
environmental Environmental coverage. MS
environmentalElsewhere Environmental coverage elsewhere. ME
event Event coverage. TD
fileRecovery Coverage of recovery of damaged computer files. RK
glass Glass coverage. GP
glassElsewhere Glass coverage elsewhere. GE
hailStorm Coverage of hail and storm damage. HS
home Home coverage. IP
homeElsewhere Home coverage elsewhere. IE
homeowner Homeowner coverage. DH
hullCaravan Caravan hull coverage. CD
hullExpansion Coverage data on hull coverage expansion such as free choice of repair company. CG
hullTrailer Trailer hull coverage. AH
hullVehicle Vehicle hull coverage. CA
hullVessel Vessel hull coverage. PV
hullVesselElsewhere Vessel hull coverage elsewhere. PE
hunterRisk Hunter risk coverage. DJ
illuminatedSigns Coverage of illuminated signs. LR
interest Interest coverage. RL
inventoryGoods Coverage of inventory/goods. IV
inventoryGoodsElsewhere Coverage of inventory/goods elsewhere. IW
legalCounsel Legal counsel coverage. RP
legalCounselConsumersHousing Coverage of legal counsel for consumers and housing. WC
legalCounselElsewhere Legal counsel coverage elsewhere. RE
legalCounselIncome Coverage of legal counsel for income. IN
legalCounselTaxAssets Coverage of legal counsel for tax and assets. FV
legalCounselTraffic Coverage of legal counsel for traffic. VK
liability Liability coverage. DA
liabilityElsewhere Coverage of liability elsewhere. AD
lifeInsurance Life insurance coverage. DO
lifeInsuranceElsewhere Life insurance coverage elsewhere. DE
luggage Luggage coverage. BR
luxuryUtensils Coverage of luxury utensils. LG
materialDamagePassenger Coverage of material damage of vehicle occupants and passengers. SV
medicalExpenses Coverage of medical expenses. ZK
medicalExpensesElsewhere Coverage of medical expenses elsewhere. ZE
money Money coverage. GD
moneyElsewhere Money coverage elsewhere. GQ
musicalInstruments Coverage of musical instruments. MI
outdoors Outdoors coverage. BI
ownDefectFailure Coverage of own defect or failure. NG
paidJobs Coverage of paid jobs. BK
payroll Payroll coverage, for example in the event of absence. DL
personalAccidents Coverage of health damage to persons and/or passengers of vehicles and vessels. PO
petSitter Pet sitter coverage. DD
premiumExemption Premium exemption coverage. PL
reintegration Reintegration coverage. RA
rental Rental coverage. VR
rentLoss Rent loss coverage. HD
replacementVehicle Coverage of replacement vehicle. VV
specialAssets Coverage of special assets. DZ
specialSports Coverage of special sports. SB
sportsEquipment Sports equipment coverage. SU
tenant Coverage of tenants’ interest. HU
thirdPartyLiability Coverage of third party liability. WA
transportation Transportation coverage. TR
transportationElsewhere Transportation coverage elsewhere. TL
travel Travel coverage. DR
travelElsewhere Travel coverage elsewhere. ER
travelExtension Coverage data on, for example, travel duration extension, coverage area extension, etc. RD
unemployment Unemployment coverage. WW
valuables Coverage of valuables. KB
valuablesElsewhere Coverage of valuables elsewhere. EK
valueGuarantee Coverage data on value guarantee such as surrender value, new value and purchase value guarantee, etc. GA
vehicleAccessories Coverage of accessories for vehicles, vessels and trailers. AQ
vsv Traffic damage insurance (VSV), covers risks to both material items and damage to health for the insured road users. VD
winterSports Winter sports coverage. WS


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