(Available by right-mouse clicking a single record in Image Inquiry.)

If multiple records are flagged, Maintain Selected, Route Document, Add to Temporary, Add to Staple Grid, Show In Window, and Delete Flagged Items will be the only available options. (Available options are controlled via Option Security on the server.)

Show Notes: Displays notes associated with an image. If notes do not currently exists, the user will not get the Show Notes option.

From the Notes Listing, users can Close or Delete notes by right clicking a record.

Add Notes: Allows users to add notes to a document.
When a user is adding a note, the record can be checked out using the button to ensure that there are no conflicts between one or more users attempting to add notes to the same document.

Once you complete the notes entry select

  • When notes exist, the system will display a ‘N’ next to the record.

Email Image: Provides an email dialog box with the image automatically attached.

Index Details: Shows the details such as the filename, path, page count, create date.

This information is helpful for troubleshooting. Use this information to identify the filename and location of the file when reporting problems to RVI Support.

Index Maintenance: (Labeled as Maintain Selected when multiple records are flagged.) Allows for the updating of index values and the deletion of the record.

Show Routing: Shows the sequence, route, date, and time associated with the routing event.

Routing Document: Route the document(s) by user id or profile.

Linking: List linked documents.If links do not exist, the user will not get the Linking option.

Load Indexes: Uses the index values of the selected record to populate the index search pane.

Audit Information: Provides the ability to view all activity for the document being viewed.
Available filters: View, Print, Email, Change, Route, Fax, CD, Signature

Add to Temporary: Temporary Folder provides a holding area where users can store a copy of any document from any system to be used for temporary viewing and file comparison. The temporary folder is updated every time the user refreshes the page.
(The temporary grid is cleared automatically when the user logs off.)

Maintain Staple: Update an existing stapled bundle. Only appears when the record you are selecting contains the primary stapled document.

Add to Staple Grid: Select a primary document then supporting documents from any system to the staple grid. Once all documents are in the staple grid the user can Finalize the staple process. Once the documents are stapled, if the primary document is viewed the system will automatically display the supporting documents that have been stapled.
(The staple grid is cleared automatically when the user logs off.)

Show In Window: View the selected document(s) in a new window frame.

Download: Save the selected document to local storage.

Delete Item: Delete the selected record from Image Inquiry.

Undelete Item: Remove the delete designation from a record in Image Inquiry. The user must have authority to view deleted records in order to access this option.

Z-Options: Custom functions for your organization. Refer to Z-Options topic.


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