RVIINT.html – This will be used to pass several parameters into OneLook

  • Parameters
    • USR – This will be the user’s internet login id Ex. “USR=Matthew” (REQUIRED)
    • PW – This will be the password for the user’s internet login Ex. “PW=realvision” (REQUIRED)
  • ISYS – System Code Ex. “ISYS=C” (REQUIRED)
  • Index values – These are the values of the indexes you want to search on. Ex. “I1=test&I2=test2&I7=Doc2” (NOT REQUIRED)
  • Example Post
    • http://server.host/internet/cmnss/imageinquiry/app/rviint.html?usr=matthew&pw=realvision&isys=C&i1=test&i2=test2&i7=doc2

RVISS.html – This will use active directory, single-signon, or Kerberos to access OneLook

  • Parameters
    • No parameters needed. The “SHOWLOGIN” program is designed to pick up the username and password from the browser via single-signon, active-directory, or Kerberos
  • Example Post
    • http://server.host/internet/cmnss/imageinquiry/app/rviss.html

RVIINTDEVD.html – This will use the Device Id assigned to a user to access OneLook

  • Parameters
    • DEV – This will be the id that is assigned to any user who is wanting to access OneLook
  • Example Post
    • http://server.host/internet/matthew/cmnss/imageinquiry/app/rviintdevd.html?dev=$00100528

RVIINTDED.html – This will use the Device Id assigned to a user to access Onelook, but will then mask it so that the Device Id is not visible in the browsers search bar.

  • Parameters
    • DEV – In this call the Device Id is picked up from the initial window that calls on this interface. The post will be scanned for the phrase “DEV=” and then pick up the next 9 characters for the Device Id to pass into SHOWLOGIND for sign on.
  • Example Post
    • The initial post will look something like this:
      • http://server.host/H/rvimain.pgm?rqstyp=SENCHCALL&dev=$00148704
    • The program SENCHCALL will then execute:
      • window.location.assign(“/internet/cmnss/imageinquiry/app/rviintded.html”);
  • From sencha we will extract the Device Id out of the window.document.referrer and proceed on with the login process.


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