Welcome to the User Manual for Green Hippo’s SHAPE application; a complete 3D mapping toolset that integrates seamlessly with Hippotizer V4 media servers. This manual is designed to explain the methodology, work flow and structure of SHAPE, as well as shortcuts to make it all faster and easier.

What is shape?

SHAPE is a software application to assist with projector setups, 3D mapping of video onto complex objects, and visualizing projects in real time. SHAPE enables the user to import a model and apply video from a Hippotizer V4 machine to the model. SHAPE allows you to edit model meshes and is able to assist with aligning, blending, masking and warping the projector(s).
SHAPE is comprised of two parts: the SHAPE application that is free to download from Green Hippo, and the Hippotizer V4 system running on a Green Hippo media server. SHAPE communicates via the network to Hippotizer V4 machines to allow real time manipulation. Once the model is configured, all settings are saved to the Hippotizer which then handles all content play back; the SHAPE application is then no longer required.

Installing and running SHAPE

SHAPE runs on Windows 8.1 or above, a discrete graphics card will offer better performance. A gigabit wired Ethernet connection is required to connect to Hippotizer systems.

TIP: SHAPE now installs with the Green Hippo install package. Shape can be run from the HippoLauncher SHAPE tab once installation is complete