Setting the Range of a Scan
The Range may be set to 25, 50 75 or 100 uV. Adjusting the Range DOES NOT affect the data that is recorded during a scan, it just adjusts the Real Time Graph so that a signal above the default Range setting of 25 uV will be displayed. The Real Time Graph set to 25 and 50 uV is illustrated below.

These are two views of the same signal:

Adjusting the Range Setting
For most patients, the Default Range Setting of 25 uV is sufficient to run a scan and retrieve data. Certain patients, athletes and infants will return readings above 25 uV. You can adjust the Range Setting prior to or while running a scan. If a patient is returning readings over 25 uV, adjust the Range until the red & blue signal lines appear in the Real Time Graph.

The Range Setting will revert to the default setting of 25 uV after you leave the form. The EMG Scan Form will always default to a range setting of 25 uV.

High EMG Readings
Although some patients will return readings above 25 uV, most patient’s readings should fall between 0 and 25 uV. It would be a rare event to have any patient register over 100 uV during a Static EMG scan. If you are consistently receiving readings over 25 uV it is likely that the Smart Sensors are picking up interference from the exam area environment.

Note that this feature only applies to the wired EMG sensors used with the base unit. See below for details on scanning with the wireless EMG scanner.

The Auto Scan feature allows an examiner to perform a Static EMG scan with the myINSiGHT™ software, automatically indicating the optimal time to take a reading. This is not available with the Wireless EMG. Auto Scan allows an examiner to determine the point at which the most accurate reading can be taken.

The Auto Scan Feature is set to (ON) by default for wired EMG, to turn it off, clear the checkbox in the scan settings section of the form. Note that this checkbox will not be visible for the wireless EMG.

EMG Scan Settings
There are several settings you can change which affect neuroCORE scans. You can adjust these by returning to the Task Pad and selecting Settings.

Here you can change the minimum and maximum values and the number of points within that range to get the most accurate auto scan EMG.

To determine when to automatically take a reading during an EMG scan, myINSiGHT™ keeps track of how many readings it receives:
• Above the Min Value
• Below the Max Value
• Within the amount specified by Variation

If myINSiGHT™ receives Window points that meet this criteria, it automatically selects the next reading. So, in the example above, if myINSiGHT™ received 40 points that were all above 0, below 40 and within 1 uV of each other, it would determine that the reading is stable and automatically take a reading.

Filter changes filter values: 60hz if for North America, 50hz is for most other countries. This allows myINSiGHT™ to filter out noise generated by electrical devices.

neuroCORE Scan Delay: when the user pulls the trigger on the neuroCORE, there is a brief delay to display the value on the touch screen. This delay is configurable and you can change it here.

Smoothing should NOT be changed unless CLA Technical Support instructs you to do so.

Auto-Scan will remain enabled until Auto Scan is cleared here or in the EMG Scan Form.