To perform a Single Trial ROM test, first be sure that the scan setting for Multi-Trial ROM box is not checked. Also, be sure that the Autoscan Box is checked, unless you will be performing a manual scan.

The instructions which follow are for an automatic scan:

Before beginning the scan, select the tests you would like to perform by clicking on the Activation Checkbox to the left of each test. This is a toggle box so checking once activates, checking again deactivates. After selecting the tests, position the Wireless ROM device and the patient for the first test. The screen will display a photo and instructions showing how to perform each test.

Click on the Start Scan Button, or press the spacebar when you are ready to begin the scan. The LEDs on the device will begin blinking in a round-robin fashion, indicating that data is being collected.

Notice that the Battery Indicator now shows the current battery level. Should this level drop below 25%, you should recharge your battery. Also, notice the real-time angle measurement appears in the middle of the screen, as well as a photo and instructions for taking the neutral measurement for this test.

When the patient is in position for the neutral measurement, click on the Start Test Button, or press the spacebar. The system records the neutral reading and displays the screen shown here.

For most tests, the patient will be performing two motions. In this case, there is a flexion and an extension.The screen shows photos for each of these motions. It also shows the current angle from the device. This angle is expressed as an absolute difference from the neutral angle for the test.

As the patient executes the motions, myINSiGHT™ will automatically record the peak flexion and extension or other movements based on the test. After the patient has completed the test, click End Test or press the spacebar to move on to the next test.

At any time, you can click the Cancel Button to cancel the test or the Cancel Menu Item to cancel the entire scan. When you have completed all the activated tests for the scan, myINSiGHT™ will display a summary screen like the one shown here.

This screen shows a summary of results for all the tests you completed for this scan. Click Save Scan to save the scan for the patient, or Cancel to discard the results. Once the scan is complete, the wireless ROM device will return to the solid blue LED state.