You use the Manage Examiners panel on the Settings Page to create and modify the list of examiners that is available to select during scanning in myINSiGHT™ Desktop.

To add a new examiner, click on Add Examiner and supply the examiner’s name. If you wish to make them the default examiner, activate the Set Default radio button.

If you wish to make someone else in the list the default examiner, click on the Make Default button in the list of examiners.

Please note that you can only deactivate and delete examiners that do not have any scans in the system associated with them.
Any examiner can be deactivated as well. A deactivated examiner will no longer appear in the list of examiners in myINSiGHT™ Desktop. You can only delete an examiner entirely if they have no scans in the database. To remove examiners with scans from the desktop use deactivate.
Remember to restart myINSiGHT™ Desktop or refresh the list of examiners to see your changes.