Prior to scanning you must set the scanner wheels for the patient’s body type: adult, child or infant.

The photo below illustrates the correct way to adjust the wheels on the T2, T3 and T4 scanners for adult, child and infant scanning.

The T1 Scanner requires different adjustment and scanning technique, because it has three sensors instead of two.

T1 Scanner Wheel Settings

+ Adult Mode+ Child Mode Infant Mode
The RIGHT hole is the one on the left side in the pictures below, the CENTER hole is right next to the RIGHT hole, the LEFT hole is by its self on the right side of this screen shot. In Adult Mode, the Left wheel in beside the Left hole and the Right Wheel is beside the Right hole. In Child Mode, the Right wheel is slid to the center and now sits between the Right and Center holes. The Left Wheel stays by the Left hole. In Infant Mode, the Left Wheel is slid to the center and now sits between the Left and Center holes. The Right Wheel stays by the Right hole.