The myINSiGHT™ program displays the data collected during each scan, assessment or exam as a Scan View. Each Scan View displays a different aspect of the data that was collected from the patient during the scan, assessment or exam. The Scan Views vary depending upon which scan type, assessment or exam was performed on patient.Rolling Thermal scan data can be displayed in up to six views. The six Rolling Thermal Scan Views and their descriptions are listed below.

Segmental Neurocalorimetric (NCM) Shows NCM (left-right temperature differentials) with a color-coded bar on the higher-temperature side. Bar color shows standard deviations from norms.
Segmental NCM Cervical Zoom For thermal scans which start at T4 or above, the Cervical Zoom version of the Segmental NCM view shows just the cervical section of the spine.
Dermo-Thermographic (DTG) Comparison Shows the differences between the temperatures at S1 and the temperature at each spinal level as a set of white bars (warmer than S1) or black bars (cooler than S1).
Table View Shows all statistics for each spinal level, including the NCM (left/right differential) value, expected NCM norm and standard deviations, and absolute temperatures.
Continuous NCM Shows NCM differentials for the entire spine – red graph color indicates higher values on the left; blue graph color indicates higher values on the right.
Rolling Thermal Summary View This view is a combination of the Continuous NCM and DTG Comparison view and is the best overall to view results. This view is the one displayed when you click “Views” from the Rolling Thermal scan form after completing a scan.

For scans that begin above S1, the DTG Comparison and Rolling Thermal Summary views will not appear as an option as these views rely on data at S1. For scans that begin at T4 and above, the Segmental NCM Cervical Zoom view will appear as an option, otherwise it will not appear.