The INSiGHT Smart Sensor is designed to detect and report electrical activity. The smart sensor can detect and reporting any type of electrical field, even if the electrical field is not the intended target of the sensor.

The smart sensor can filter out predictable levels of outside electrical activity, however, there are many common devices that produce electrical fields large enough and powerful enough to overcome the filtering technology built into the smart sensor. Some examples of these devices are X-Ray View Boxes, Computer Monitors, TV screens, Fluorescent, Halogen and Neon lights, stereo sub-woofers and autoclaves.

If any of the above devices are present in the exam area, they should be turned off or removed prior to the sEMG scan being performed.

A bare, tiled or wooden floor is recommended for the exam area, as a carpeted area can produce static electrical build-up on the patient, the examiner and the equipment. If the exam area is carpeted, an anti-static mat is recommended.