Click on one of the Available scan options on the left side of the task pad.
For example, click the red icon to conduct a Rolling Thermal Scan.

Manage Patients
Clicking this will take you to the web portal where you will have access to your patient database and office information.

View Patient Scans and Reports
Clicking this icon which will take you to your web portal where you can view scans and reports for the last patient you scanned.

Log Out and Close myINSiGHT™
To log out and shut down the program click this icon.

Close myINSiGHT™ without Logging Out
To close the program but remain logged in for a maximum of 30 minutes click the exit icon.

NOTE: To maintain compliance with Patient Medical Record Laws and Regulations your software and the web portal will automatically log you out after 30 min of inactivity.

Clicking this icon brings up the settings form, where you can configure a variety of settings for the myINSiGHT™ Desktop software.