The Wireless Pulse Wave Profiler™ also allows for heart rate data collection from either an ear clip or finger sleeve sensor. To utilize either of these sensors, plug them into the jack on the side of the PWP marked Heart Rate. When using these sensors, the Galvanic Skin Resistance and T*emperature measurements* will not be recorded, and the patient’s hand will not be in the PWP device. When recording data with the ear clip or finger sleeve sensors, the same guidelines for heart rate data collection should be observed (left hand below the heart, no finger movement). During ear clip use, the patient should remain still in a relaxed state. The ear clip should be applied to the fleshy part of the ear lobe. The finger sleeve is slid onto either the index, middle or ring finger so that the small hole on the sensor aligns with the fleshy part of the fingertip.

Before starting data collection in this mode, it is necessary to indicate that you will only be collecting heart rate data by clicking on the Heart Rate Only box in the Scan Settings section of the data collection screen as shown below. Remember to uncheck this setting when you switch back to standard heart rate data collection mode.