If you don’t have time to import all your patients, or a patient arrives who has not been seen in more than two years, you can still import them from the scan form.

In the patient panel where you select the patient to be scanned, you will notice a new button, labeled Import.

Clicking on this button pops up a list of all the patients in your INSiGHT™ 9.2 database. You can select one of these patients and myINSiGHT™ will populate the patient panel with the patient’s information from the INSiGHT™ 9.2 database. You can make changes if you wish (such as adding an email address) and then save the patient. This patient is now in your myINSiGHT™ database and available for scanning.

Since uploading the patient’s scans from INSiGHT™ 9.2 takes time, myINSiGHT™ does not import the scans now, just the patient. Begin scanning the patient. When you are done scanning the patient, you will be prompted to upload his scans from the INSiGHT™ 9.2 database. You can choose to do that then, or you can cancel and upload their scans later from the Settings Form, as described previously.