NOTE: The base unit portion of the Wireless Inclinometer should not be turned on until it is connected to the USB cable provided and to the satellite unit. The Base and Satellite units must remain cabled together during the entire ROM assessment procedure. If the units are accidentally separated at any time during the ROM assessment, the entire ROM assessment must be repeated.

The 3DDI device operates in one of four states: Off, On, Connected & Transmitting. The 3DDI device uses Four Blue LED’s to indicate the current state of the device. Each state is listed below:

Blue LED Status Device Status
All LED’s are off Device is off.
One Blue LED is blinking Device is On – Ready to Scan.
All LED’s are solid blue Connected to computer.
All LED’s are blinking Transmitting data to PC.

When the device is in the Off State, push the button on the bottom of the Base Unit to turn it On. The device goes from State 2 to State 3 and State 4 under software control during scans. Pushing the Power Button during State 3 or State 4 will have no effect on the device. While in the On State, you can return to the Off State by holding down the bottom button for three seconds.