NOTE: A grounded wall outlet is required. A surge protector of at least 1000 joules is recommended.

NOTE: The RS232 Input will not allow your computer to communicate with the INSiGHT™ unit. It is reserved for future use.

1. Connect the power cord to the A/C Power Input on the INSiGHT™ rear panel and then plug the INSiGHT™ power cord into an outlet on your surge protector. The green Power LED on the back panel of the console will illuminate indicating that the Discovery console is receiving the necessary voltage to operate properly.
2. Attach the Foot Switch and/or Hand Switch (provided only with the Algometer) cable(s) to the appropriate inputs on the rear panel of the instrument console.
3. Because this is the first time you’ve connected the INSiGHT™ console to your computer, the Add New Hardware Wizard will begin. When it is complete, the Console LED on the front of the instrument will turn green. The wizard may run completely automatically, or may prompt you. If it prompts you, please select the options to find drivers automatically, and to continue the installation despite any warning that the device has not been validated by Microsoft, should one appear.

Front Panel Connections

Connecting the INSiGHT™ Accessories
1. Locate the red (left) and blue (right) EMG sensors. Position them so that the imprinted arrow on the cable connector is facing up. Now connect them, arrow facing up, to the receptacles in EMG Channel 1 (left channel) and EMG Channel 2 (right channel). Don’t force the cables into the receptacles; they only go in with the arrows facing up!
2. You will use the sensors in Channels 1 & 2 for static scans. Locate the smart handles that were provided with your unit, and push one on each of the EMG sensors, making sure all three prongs firmly snap into place.
3. Reserve the two additional EMG sensors for dynamic scans or as substitutes for the red and blue sensors.
4. Locate the Thermal Scanner. Connect the Thermal Scanner to the Therm input, orienting the cable so that the imprinted arrow on the connector is facing up.
5. Locate the Algometer. Connect the Algometer to the Algo input, orienting the cable so that the imprinted arrow on the connector is facing up.
6. Locate the Pulse Waver Profiler (PWP) and PWP Adapter Cable. Connect one end of the cable to the PWP and the other to the Adapter Cable.
7. You have finished connecting the instrument and sensors, and both the back and front panel LED lights should be lit green, indicating the unit has power and is ready to be used. Once you have completed the rest of the installation procedure, please refer to the User’s Guide for correct operation of each sensor type.