For this example, we have created a ConveyLinx-Ai Family Modules in our Ethernet Tree and added a MSG Instruction to a ladder rung. We named this MSG block “WriteSpeed” and created the Controller Tag for it. With this MSG Instruction we are going to write a value for the Left Motor Speed at Module Address 4:0040. We also created a Controller Tag of data type INT we named “NewSpeed” which will hold the speed value we want to write to the module when we execute the MSG Instruction.

From the Message Type drop down, select CIP Generic
From the Service Type drop down, select Set Attribute Single
For the Instance Field, enter “40”
For the Class Field, enter “64”
For the Attribute Field, enter “1”
For the Source Element, use the Tag Browser drop down to select NewSpeed
For the Source Length, enter “2” (2 bytes = 1 INT)