When you create an instance of a device from an EDS file in your RSLogix 5000 environment; the EDS file provides a Module Defined Data Type for the inputs and outputs of the device. This Module Defined Data Type’s name is automatically generated by the EDS file creation’s software and is based upon (among other things) a checksum of the items in the file. This often creates a somewhat cryptic alpha-numeric string for the name.

In situations where you may inherit an existing program and your RSLogix 5000 environment is missing the EDS file used for this program; you will need to determine which version of EDS file was used and then go find it on our Pulseroller.com web site. Similarly, you may also have the situation where you need to be able to match your AOI version to its correct EDS file. The following chart cross references the most common EDS files, AOI files, and Module Data Types

EDS File AOI File Module Data Type
ConveyLinxAi_V5_1.eds Ai2_ZPA_AOI_4_5.L5X _055C:Ai2_84EED4D3:I:0
Ai2_PLCIO_AOI_4_5.L5X _055C:Ai2_1F7F96C5:I:0