Pin 2 on each of the two Sensor port’s M8 connector on the Module is configurable as to its potential function. This pin can function as either an input or an output. The default “out-of-the-box” usage for Pin 2 is “Not Used”. Using the Pin 2 Usage screen from the ConveyLinx Advanced Dialog allows you to select one of the following functions for each zone on the module:

• None: No ZPA Function but is available to be read as input by remote PLC
• Accumulate: Input for local zone accumulate command
• Wake up: Input for local zone wake-up signal
• Wake-up with Timeout
• Lane Full Interface: Input for local Lane Full Interface signal
• Module Error Output
• Product on Zone Output
• Sensor Error Output
• Mirror Pin 4

Depending on how the module is configured, you can independently select which of these functions you want to reside on which of the two available sensor port Pin 2 signals.