Indicator Description
Network IP – This is where you enter the Subnet of the particular ConveyLinx network you wish to connect
Node No. – This is where you enter a range of Nodes in which to connect. Entering values here will cause the “Refresh” button to enable. Clicking this button will cause the rest of the items (3, 4, and 5) to be populated
Upstream Zone / Downstream Zone – These selections allow you to change the ZPA mode of the particular zone as well as several check boxes to change the default operation of certain jam conditions, etc.
Upstream Zone / Downstream Zone – Selector to cause the local zone to Accumulate if a carton arrives and to cause the local zone to be in Accumulate mode upon power up of the module
Left MDR / Right MDR – Selections for MDR type, braking options, speed, acceleration, deceleration, etc.
Left MDR / Right MDR – Selector to click to jog the MDR, click again to stop
Left MDR / Right MDR – Visual indicators for various MDR status and diagnostics information
Diagnostic Window – Click the graphic image to open a details Diagnostics window