Both ports are standard RJ-45 jacks conforming to standard Ethernet connection pin-out. In order to maintain IP54 rating; Ethernet cables need to be equipped with protective shrouds. Shown below are the Ethernet cables installed using shrouds to protect the RJ-45 connectors on the Ethernet cables. Each module is shipped with 3 shrouds – 2 for the Ethernet Cables and 1 for the power wiring.

Ai2 Module with Left & Right Ethernet Cable (Covers removed)

Ai2 Module with Left & Right Ethernet Cable with Covers attached

How to install shrouds on Ethernet cables

Assembly Tool

Phoenix Contact Part Number 2891547 FL IP 54

Putting the shroud on the cable

1: With tool closed, place shroud on the pins 2: Grip the handle to open the pins to stretch open the shroud
3: While continuing to grip the handle, insert the RJ-45 cable through the shroud opening as shown 4: Release the handle and the pins close allowing them to be removed from the shroud