ConveyLinx-Ai Family Moduless in PLC I/O mode allow for download of a user program generated with the ConveyLogix programming tool. There may be instances when you would like for an external PLC to be able to interface with an ConveyLinx-Ai Family Modules that is running a ConveyLogix program.

When using ConveyLogix programming software version 2.2 and later, the environment provides predefined controlled input and output register tags that can be used by the programmer to interface with an external PLC. The Assemblies described in this section are those that the external PLC would connect and use to access the data in the ConveyLogix program.

This data is divided into 16 Integer Input words and 16 Integer output words. It is left to the ConveyLogix programmer and the PLC programmer to utilize as much or as little of these data blocks as needed for their particular application.