The purpose of Auto-Configuration for networked ConveyLinx controls is to provide a simple and easy procedure for linear conveyor system commissioning. The Auto-Configuration Procedure requires the use of EasyRoll on a PC.

Connecting Devices to ConveyLinx-Ai Family Modules
Connecting Nodes Together
Installing EasyRoll
ConveyLinx Ethernet Definition
Connecting Your PC to Network
Auto-Configuration Procedure

Linear Conveyor Definition

Auto-Configuration is only applicable to a Linear Conveyor arrangement. A Linear Conveyor arrangement is defined as a single uninterrupted path of conveyor with no merge or diverts mechanisms. A Linear Conveyor can include curved sections, but the flow of cartons on the conveyor is continuous from in-feed zone to discharge zone. A networked ConveyLinx solution can control more complex conveyor paths that include diverting and merging equipment by utilizing external PLC/PC control and/or on-board ConveyLogix programming.

Example of a Linear Conveyor