Sensor Debounce setting is the time the logic holds the state of its Sensor inputs after a change of state. Keep in mind this is not a delay prior to detecting a carton when it first blocks the sensor. The module will detect the leading edge of a carton and hold this state for the Sensor Debounce time period. Similarly, when the trailing edge of the carton clears the sensor, the logic holds this state for the Sensor Debounce time period.

Enter the desired value in seconds and click the Set button. The default is 0.1 seconds and the valid range is 0 to 2 seconds. Please note this setting applies to both the Left and Right Sensor ports. The Set All button will apply these same settings for the range of modules indicated at the top of the dialog. In this example we are changing the Sensor Debounce time to 0.30 seconds and updating this setting using the Set All button for Nodes 3 thru 4.