In normal ZPA operation, if a zone is in Accumulation (either by external device or if Aux I/O Pin 2 is set to Accumulate) and the carton is subsequently manually removed from the conveyor; the zone downstream of the accumulated zone will run in an attempt to “find the lost carton”. In certain applications or situations where manually removing cartons from accumulated zones is expected; you can disable the running of the downstream zone to “find the lost carton”

Without Disable Manual Operations box checked

Carton accumulated in Upstream Zone by Aux I/O Pin 2 Accumulate signal or external network signal
If carton is removed from Upstream Zone, the Downstream Zone will run to “find the missing carton”. Run time is the duration of the Jam Timer setting (5 sec. by default)

With Disable Manual Operations box checked

You first navigate the main screen to the zone you want to prevent from running when it’s upstream neighboring zone has its carton removed. Clicking the Disable Manual Operations check box will prevent this zone from running when its upstream neighbor has an accumulated carton manually removed
When you check the Disable Manual Operations check-box for the Downstream Zone, then it will not run when upstream carton is removed