This example shows how to set up the conveyor control to easily singulate cartons through a bar code scanning region

In this example, Module B must be logically configured as a single zone. This can be either a single long zone with one MDR and one sensor, or a single long zone with 2 MDRs and one sensor.

For this example to work properly; the discharging zone of Module A and the single zone of Module B must be in the default Singluation Release mode (not Train mode). Module A must also not have its Arrival Jam disabled />

Because of built-in ZPA functionality, when a Carton leaves Module A discharge zone, Module A waits until it receives confirmation from Module B that the Carton arrived. If a new Carton arrives at Module A, it will accumulate until this arrival confirmation occurs. Because Module B is a single long zone, the space for what would have been the upstream zone for Module B (if it was configured as two zones) will now essentially be left clear when a Carton is accumulated on Module B. This is the area where the bar code scanner is located. In this configuration, any new arrival at Module B will be assured to be the Carton associated with the last scan from the bar code reader. For this example, the PLC must establish a connection with Module B and then simply follow the zone control as described for basic accumulate and release