Some Pulseroller-Ai models are available with two motors in one tube as shown.

ZPA Mode

This mechanical configuration is not supported with Ai-Family controls.

PLC I/O Mode

During the Auto-Configure Procedure, all zones become ZPA mode and motors will run. The ConveyLinx-Ai Family Modules does not know the opposite motor is in the same tube and will try to rotate the motors in the same direction and they will be in a mechanical bind. Unplugging the opposite motor will keep this from happening. Once the Auto-Configuration is complete, place the module in PLC I/O mode and you can reconnect the motor to the module.


In this example, the Right Motor is the Master and the Left Motor is the Slave. After ytou have performed Auto-Configuration and then placed the module in PLC I/O Mode and reconnected the motor, you write a value of 3 set up the Left Motor Slave Mode (4:0262) register. This value tells the Left Motor to be in Slave Mode to the Right Motor and always run in the opposite direction of the Right Motor.

ConveyLogix Program

Follow the same procedure as in this PLC I/O Mode example as far as unplugging the Slave motor prior to Auto-Configuration. The follow the procedure described for the Two Ai MDRs Mechanically Coupled – ConveyLogix Program section.