Updating RedwoodHQ server is a very simple procedure but will require a windows restart in order to be completed:

  1. Download the RedwoodHQ installer you want from RedwoodHQ Downloads page
  2. Double click on Installer file
  3. When Installer window appears click on Next
  4. You will be prompted on whether you want to update RedwoodHQ, click on Yes
  5. The older version will now be uninstalled (all database and code files will be kept, they never get removed)
  6. After uninstall completes a message will appear that your windows will be restarted, clicking on OK will restart the computer
  7. Once installation finishes you will have a newly updated version of RedwoodHQ which will also begin to automatically update RedwoodHQ agents if necessary
  8. If you are updating from version 2.0 or 2.1 and you would like to use new Python/C# Language as well as Ivy then you would need to create a new project after update completes


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