Apache Ivy is a dependency management tool which highly integrated with Apache Ant (used in RedwoodHQ to do builds).

Setting Up Dependency

RedwoodHQ already comes with ivy.xml which can be modified in order to set dependency on whatever libraries your project needs to get everytime your user does a build. Here is an example of a pre-setup ivy.xml that gets created when setting up a sample project with Selenium and other dependencies:

Here are the steps to modify dependency that your project requires:

  1. Go to Scripts
  2. On the left pane double click on ivy.xml
  3. Add a dependency to the xml and click on Save
  4. Click on build and your user will now fetch a new dependency
  5. Do a Git Push in order for other users to get latest ivy.xml with updated dependency

You can also modify actual ivy settings by opening ivysettings.xml


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