Test Set

Test Set is simply a collection of test cases which will be used by execution. It allows for creation of specific set rather than constantly showing all the test cases and can be used for things like defining ‘Smoke Test’ or ‘Regression’ sets.

All Test Sets

New Test Set
Opens new tab to create new test set.

Save currently open Test Set.

Search test set by name value.

Name of the test set.

Edit Button
Will open a new tab for that test set to modify it.

Will delete test set.

Test Set

A test set definition page which shows all test cases filtered by tags (like Test Case Tree in Left Pane). Here you can check entire tag that will automatically check all the test cases under it or you can check specific test cases you want. If a new test case was created with a tag that was already checked, it will not be automatically included in a test set and would require user to update test set and check that test case in order for it to appear under execution.

Test Set Name
Text field where you can specify any name for this test set.

Test Cases
List of test cases sorted by tags which can be checked which would mean they are included as part of this test set.


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