In execution, under Email Notification you can add users and set the Send Email check box to true. What will happen is that after execution is done, it will sent out an email to all these users which has a link to the execution as well as Execution Totals number (passed, failed, etc.).
In order to setup the Email settings, go to Settings -> Email and specify the values for it.

  1. Server Host is where you specify RedwoodHQ server name/ip address.
  2. SMTP Host is the email server which is used by your company to send out the email.
  3. Protocol can be either SMTP or SMTPS.
  4. Optional parameters (use only if needed): SMTP Port; User Name; Password


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Subhash Kumaalagunta wrote: Jun 23, 2015

Hi Team

Please let us know how to configure email, we have been using redwood HQ automation framework tool for project purpose, but we are not able to configure, please help in configuration of Email