Inspector will identify HTML elements, suggest, verify xpath, css selectors and where you can even test whether Selenium will interact with the object or not.

  1. Select browser type you want to work with and click on Open button.
  2. Navigate to needed URL.
  3. Click on the looking glass icon and click on element you want to inspect.
  4. Select “Click” operation from drop down next to “Validate” button.
  5. Click on the “Click” button to see if Selenium can click on the selected HTML element.
  6. Click on ‘XPath’ and select any other property you want to see for this object (eg: CSS Selector).
  7. Modify the text value (eg: XPath property value) to another one and click Validate to see if it works or not.


This is where you can record or specify your own code and do a playback against any browser. Support any Java/Groovy code only.

  1. Click on Code tab.
  2. From menu select Browsers -> and select the type you want.
  3. Click on Record (red) button to begin recording and navigate to URL you will use.
  4. Do various clicking and typing actions you want and then click on Record (red) button again to stop.
  5. Click on Green arrow to playback recorded script.
  6. You can modify the code (ANY Java/Groovy code with asserts, loops, etc.) and do a playback against any browser as well.
  7. User can also copy/paste their own code in to Code section for quick validation/modification. Use ‘Driver variable name’ field to make sure it matches the one in your own code.


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