Import TestNG/JUnit

You can import your existing TestNG/JUnit tests and then use RedwoodHQ for execution and further test automation development. Importing test cases is very simple:

  1. Go to Scripts page and upload your TestNG/JUnit folders under ‘src’ folder (for more information how to upload directories go here).
  2. Upload all the projects library jar files if necessary (for more information how to upload jars go here).
  3. You can click on a Build button to validate that code is compiling correctly and then do a Git Push.
  4. On top click on ‘Import Test Cases’ button and wait for RedwoodHQ to process all your files and determine all test cases in there.
  5. A new popup will appear afterwards that will show you all test cases that were identified for import and their type (TESTNG or JUNIT).
  6. Check all the check boxes for the test cases you want to import and click on OK.
  7. Afterwards a success message will appear saying how many test cases were imported.
  8. Click on Test Cases tab and you will now see all the test cases that were imported with names generated based on this pattern: <Package>.<Class Name>.<Method> (you can modify test case names anytime).
  9. Test cases are now ready to be executed


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