What is an Action?

Action is a keyword that describes what event it is about to do. A collection of actions is used by a test case (unless test case is pointing directly at a script) where parameter values can be specified in order to drive that action event. This in turn makes creation of automated test cases easier since they are more readable and easier to maintain.

Typically an Action is an event or activity performed in the tested product that has business value, for example, adding an item to the basket in an online store. In other frameworks this is similar to ‘Step definition’ (eg: Cucumber) or ‘Keywords’ (eg: Robot Framework).

Action Driven approach facilitates parallel work on creating automated test cases. Stakeholders of testing can create actions that users will perform in the tested product. Then, engineers can write scripts to automate these actions and, at the same time create test cases including them as well as not yet automated actions.

An Action can either point directly at a script that will get executed (and pass the values which were specified in a test case) or be an action collection and utilize Action Within Action approach.



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