This documentation provides a detailed description and examples of all features and how they function.

If you haven’t done so already then please go through Quick Start Guide since it’s the best way to start and get to know main features of RedwoodHQ.

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Main Topics

  • Selenium
    Information on how Selenium works in RedwoodHQ
  • Actions
    Creation and usage of actions in Action Driven test automation development.
  • Test Cases
    Creation and usage of Test Cases as Scripts, TestNG/JUnit or part of Action Driven development.
  • Action Collection
    How to build up a collection of actions and specify various values to drive their execution.
  • Scripts
    Code development, working with various Jars/Automation Tools, Git source control, Importing TestNG/JUnit tests and executing right in a Scripts page.
  • Execution
    Executing test cases, analyzing their results and comparing between different executions.
  • Test Sets
    Defining test sets to be used by executions.
  • Variables
    Setting variables to be used in Action Collections or Scripts.
  • Machines
    Configuring and setting up machines for Execution.
  • Settings
    Setting up Users, Projects and Email.
  • Install Guide
    Details of installing and updating RedwoodHQ Server and Agent.
  • Migration
    Migrating all of RedwoodHQ data and code from one machine to another one.


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