Test Cases

This part of the page deals with two things: Selecting test cases for execution and seeing their current results. Checking the check box next to test case tells the execution that user wants to run this test case after they click on Run button (once the Run button is clicked the test cases will automatically get unchecked but they will be executed).

Entering text here will filter and show test cases which contain the Name or Tag value that is being searched for.

The name of a test case which will become a link to view Test Details to monitor it’s current state as it’s being run or analyze it’s failure (for more information on Test Details page analysis please go here).

Tag values which are defined for this test case.

Start/End Action
This feature allows you to specify from and to which action step to run, allowing user to execute only specific steps in a test case rather than a whole thing. So if you specify ‘Start Action’ value to 5 and ‘End Action’ value to 12 it will then begin executing from step #5 and stops executing after it is done with step #12. Can be very useful for analyzing test case failures from specific step rather than wait for entire execution again (especially for big test cases).

Shows current state of a test case:
Not Run – This test case was not yet executed.
Running – The test case is currently being executed (clicking on this link will open VNC tab to the box where execution is happening)
Finished – Test Case finished it’s execution.

The Started time of a test case execution and it’s Finished time.

Elapsed Time
How long did it take for this test case to execute.

The error text that was outputted by coded assert statement.

Shows current Result of a test case:
Passed – Means test case has passed the execution and no assertions were raised.
Failed – Means that test case has failed the execution and assertion was raised.
Blank – Test case was not executed yet.

Clicking on this field will bring up a Note text field where you can specify a text that you want. For example it could be a bug # of a failed test case or an explanation of why test case was not run for this execution. Doing a mouse over the note icon for a test case will show the text (or clicking on it will).

Search Notes
Entering text here will filter and show test cases which contain the text that is being searched for in its Note section (eg: Searching for word ‘bug’ or specific bug #).


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