Continuous Integration

Using tools like Jenkins and Team City you should be able to setup a Continuous Integration where it will create and then kick off the execution and report results.


  1. Install Continuous Integration agent on RedwoodHQ server machine.
  2. Copy node.exe file from \RedwoodHQ\vendor\nodejs folder to \RedwoodHQ\cli (makes it easier for execution).
  3. Setup Continuous Integration to run a RedwoodHQ CLI command under \RedwoodHQ\cli folder:
    node CIExecution.js <parameters> (details of parameters are described bellow).
  4. CI will kick off CLI command which will create a new Execution in RedwoodHQ and start running all test cases inside it.
  5. When Execution finishes it will:
  • Send results to Continuous Integration tool
  • Will also keep results in RedwoodHQ
  • Lock execution in RedwoodHQ (because we are officially done with it)

CLI Command Parameters

Parameter Name Parameter Description Example
--name [name] Name of the execution that will get created --name "Amazon Test"
--user [username] User ID that will be used for this execution --user admin
--testset [testset name] The name of the Test Set for this execution --testset "Smoke Test"
--machines [hostname1:threads:baseState,hostname2:threads:baseState] Machine name/ip, amount of threads to use and Machine Base State (optional) --machines, (use two machines, 2 threads for each and no base state) or --machines " New Build" (use one machine, 1 thread and run Machine Base State on it first)
--pullLatest [true,false] Should it do a Git Pull to get the latest for that User --pullLatest true
--retryCount [1] Set Retry Count in execution --retryCount 2
--variables [name=value,name2=value2] Specify execution variable value --variables Browser=Firefox,TestBuildNumber=17
--tags [tag1,tag2] Assign tag(s) to execution --tags SmokeTest,Functional
--emails [email1,email2] Email addresses of the users of RedwoodHQ to whom report email will be sent after execution finishes —emails,
--project [projectname] Name of the project where execution will happen --project Sample
--ignoreScreenshots [true,false] Set ‘No Screen Shots’ option on execution --ignoreScreenshots true (will set ‘No Screen Shots’ to true)

Full CLI Command example:

node CIExecution.js --name "Amazon Test" --user admin --testset "Smoke Test" --machines " New Build" --pullLatest true --retryCount 2 --variables Browser=Firefox,TestBuildNumber=17 --tags SmokeTest,Functional --project Sample --ignoreScreenshots false


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