Quick Start/Tutorial 1 Video

Here is a (2 minute) video that goes through all the steps listed bellow:


  1. Go to: www.RedwoodHQ.com
  2. Click on Downloads tab
  3. Click on OS version of RedwoodHQ you want to download, Windows 64-Bit recommended


  1. Double click on the RedwoodHQ setup file
  2. Go through the installation wizard and select default options
    - In ports section of installer it might ask you for Firewall permission where you click on Allow button (which will validate your port setting)
  3. Wait until Installation is over (this might take a bit of time) and then click on Finish button
  4. Browser will automatically open to url of RedwoodHQ on localhost (eg:
  5. Login with default admin user credentials
    Username: admin
    Password: admin


  1. Under ‘All Executions’ click on ‘Amazon Shopping’ link
  2. Expand ‘Set Variables’ by clicking on little triangle button next to name
  3. For ‘Browser’ under ‘Set Variables’ select the browser you want to run the test cases against by clicking on the Value field for it (which should have ‘Firefox’ by default) and click on drop down arrow to specify other browser if you want (Internet Explorer or Chrome)
  4. Under ‘Select Machines’ check the checkbox for ’’ (agent was installed with RedwoodHQ server)
  5. Under ‘Test Cases’ check the checkbox for test case ‘Add Star Trek to Cart’
  6. Click on ‘Run Selected Execution’ green arrow button on top (it might take a little bit of time to do initial run since it will be first time when all the scripts will compile)
  7. Test case will now run and then when it’s done the test case will have status of ‘Finished’ with result ‘Passed’


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