What is RedwoodHQ Agent for?

RedwoodHQ Agent is primarily used for execution of test automation and it is compatible with any Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Once the agent is installed on the machine, it will self register on RedwoodHQ server and users will be able to select it under ‘Machines’ option for execution. Also, if a user wants to use optional ‘Looking Glass’ feature then they would need to install Agent on their own machine as well. Here are the steps to install the agent.

  1. Go to the computer where you want to install the agent on (not RedwoodHQ Server one since it already has Agent installed)
  2. Open browser and type in the ip address + port number of machine where RedwoodHQ is installed on (eg:
  3. Click on ‘Download Agent’ button and save the agent setup file
  4. Double click on the setup file and click on Next on installer screen until Agent Port part
  5. On the installer Agent Port where it’s asking you for ‘RedwoodHQ Server IP/Host Name’, enter just the IP address of where the RedwoodHQ server is installed on and click on Next buttons till installer begins to install the files
  6. After installer finishes, navigate to RedwoodHQ and login
  7. Click on Execution tab and click on ‘Machines’ in left pane
  8. You should see a new machine with IP address of where you installed it on
  9. Click on edit (pencil) button for the machine ip where you just installed agent on and you can specify the Tag and Description for it to identify it:
    - In Description type in ‘This machine is for Regression Execution Only’
    - In the Tags field type in ‘Regression’ and press Enter
    - Click on Update button
  10. Go to ‘Amazon Shopping’ execution and run ‘Add Star Trek to Cart’ test case against a new Machine by selecting it in ‘Machines’ section


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