To configure server/agent you need to go to directory where RedwoodHQ is installed and open properties.conf file (make sure to stop server/agent before modification). In there you should be able to modify the following options:

AgentVersion= [Version of the agent currently deployed] (eg: 2.50.00)
AgentPort= [Port that agent uses] (eg: 5009)
AgentVNCPort= [VNC Port that agent uses] (eg: 3006)
Update= [If update was done it would have Success or Fail value here]
OS= [OS deployed on] (eg: Windows)

ServerVersion= [Version of the Server currently deployed] (eg: 2.50.00)
DBPort= [Port that MongoDB uses] (eg: 27017)
AppServerPort= [What port should AppServer use] (eg: 3000)
AppServerIPHost= [IP Address of the Server, if agent is on same box as server then point at localhost, otherwise put actual ip address] (eg:
ELKServer= [If using Elastic, specify IP address for it here] (eg: localhost)
ELKServerPort= [Port for Elastic server] (eg: 9200)

VNC= [Used by Windows installer] (eg: No)
AppShortcutFolderName= [Used by Windows installer] (eg: RedwoodHQ)


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