Parameters allows user to specify values when creating Test Cases (or Action Collections in Actions as described more here) which will then be passed to the action code for execution. For more information on how to specify values for parameter in Action Collection and various parameter types please go here.

Add Parameters

Clicking on ‘Add Parameter’ button will add a new line to Parameters grid where you can specify:

Any name for the parameter. Make sure to keep the name readable so that test case designer user would understand what kind of values they need/can specify in order for this action to work properly.

Parameter Type
String (can specify any type of value)
Boolean (TRUE or FALSE only)
Array of String (multiple string values)

Possible Values
You can help user to choose values from a drop down in Action Collection for a parameter by specifying them as possible values. Enter any string value you want and press enter and if you want to give more values then set the cursor to the right of previous value and repeat the process. Possible Values can only be used by String types.

Edit and Delete Parameter

Click on Pencil button for parameter you want to edit or double click on it. Specify whatever value is needed and then click on Update button or Cancel if you don’t want to use the changes.

Click on Delete button for parameter you want to permanently remove from this action.


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