Data Driven Test Cases in Execution

If the test case becomes Data Driven (see documentation on that here) then after clicking on Data Refresh button the test case will change from a single one in to multiple ones (depending on how many rows there are). Each test case data row will be treated as a separate test case in execution and you’ll be able to analyze results accordingly.

Data Refresh button

Every time test case does a change for Test Case Data (whether it’s modification of rows/columns and/or_ modification of data in these rows_) user needs to click on Refresh button (next to Search text field) in order for execution to be able to run test case with latest updates. If data has changed for a specific row which was already executed then it will be refreshed as Not-run (since this data iteration of a test case is different now).

Test Case Data in Test Details

When accessing the Test Details of an executed test case which is data driven it will show user ‘Test Case Data’ (in Details section) to inform what data driven values were used for this instance.


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