This FAQ is for Stand Alone version of Looking Glass

How is future support of the browsers going to work? How can I add later/earlier version of Selenium?

You can replace any Selenium jar that Looking Glass comes with to whatever latest one or the one you want under: \Looking Glass Installed Location\lib

Can I use my own jar files and have that code be available in code portion of the Looking Glass?

Yes you can.

  1. Place your jars into \Looking Glass Installed Location\lib directory.
  2. Restart Looking Glass and navigate to “Code” tab.
  3. Click on “imports” icon.
  4. Add any imports you like either from your jar or from selenium. Now your your jar code is available to be used in Code tab.

Opening Internet Explorer through Looking Glass gives an error!

Selenium can be a bit problematic with IE sometimes but we noticed that restarting your computer typically makes this error go away. Also, make sure your IE is not higher than version 10, selenium currently doesn’t support 11.


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