You can upload any files and folders necessary for test execution (for example, a data file), script, or an external Java or Groovy library.

1. On the Scripts tab, in the Scripts pane, in the folder tree, depending on the kind of file you want to upload, right click and select New – Upload for a single file or Upload Directories for all files and folders under specified location:

  • The bin folder – for any file necessary for executing tests (eg: chromedriver.exe or any other file)
  • The src folder – for a script (eg: .java or .groovy)
  • The External Library folder – for a Java or Groovy external library (eg: jars)

2. (optional) To place the file in a subfolder:

  • Create a new folder – on the toolbar, click New, click Folder, and then, in the New Folder dialog box, enter the name for the folder and click OK.
  • Click an existing subfolder.

3. On the toolbar, click New, click Upload, and then, in the File Upload dialog box, select the file you want to upload and click Open


  1. On the Scripts tab, in the Scripts pane, in the folder tree, click the file or folder you want to delete.
  2. On the toolbar, click Delete.
  3. In the Delete Confirmation dialog box, click Yes.


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