What is RedwoodHQ Server?

For a team to work in RedwoodHQ to develop test automation (API or GUI) they just need 1 copy of RedwoodHQ installed on the machine which everyone can reach via ip address and it will be a central repository for all scripts, test cases and executions.

Nothing needs to be installed on the users end to work with RedwoodHQ, they just need to open a browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox or Safari) and navigate to ip address of RedwoodHQ Server machine + application port number (typically 3000) that was specified during install (eg: and then login with user credentials (admin/admin is first user, all others can be added under Users page). The only exception is that if user wants to use ‘Looking Glass’ feature, then they would need to install RedwoodHQ Agent on their OS.

It is common for people to first experiment with RedwoodHQ on temporary location (personal laptop/PC) and later on move to more permanent one so that it can be accessed at any time. In that case you just simply install RedwoodHQ on that other machine and begin using it, but if you also want to migrate the scripts/test cases you have already created then it is easy to do so by following Migration instructions.

RedwoodHQ Server Install Guide

What is RedwoodHQ Agent?

RedwoodHQ Agent is primarily used for execution of test automation and it is compatible with any Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (Linux and OS X requires special setup). Once the agent is installed on the machine it will self register on RedwoodHQ server and users will be able to select it under ‘Machines’ option for execution.
If user wants to use optional ‘Looking Glass’ feature then they would need to install Agent on their OS as well.

RedwoodHQ Agent Install Guide


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