Connections to the relays are made through an 18-position terminal block (A4-TB4). Connections to the six (6) programmable relay contacts are clearly labeled on the board.


  1. De-energize and lock out all external ac and dc voltages to ATevo.
  2. Allow internal voltages to dissipate.
  3. Remove safety shield and verify no hazardous voltages are present with a voltmeter.
  4. Route remote annunciator wiring to Auxiliary I/O Board (A4) through an unused enclosure knockout.
  5. Connect wiring (#22-14 AWG) to appropriate terminals on the Auxiliary I/O Board (A4-TB4).
  6. Strip each wire 0.25in / 6.4mm, and tighten terminal screws.
  7. Replace the safety shield and close the front panel door.
  8. Restart ATevo.


  • Alarm contacts are rated at 0.5A @ 125 Vac/Vdc.
  • Signal terminal block (A4-TB4) is compression screw type, accepting #22-14 AWG wire.
  • Terminals are labeled in the non-alarm condition, with ATevo operating ‘normally’ and relays energized.
  • If user alarm contacts (A4-TB4) are to drive inductive dc loads (e.g. a larger dc relay) an external protective diode must be installed at the dc relay to avoid equipment damage. Refer to Application Note (JD5011-00).
Last modified: 12 September 2023