For ATevo models rated 16-50 Adc, the Filtering Assembly (A7) consists of a capacitor bank (C1x) and bleed resistors (R9x), mounted on a printed circuit board. Models rated 75-100 Adc, feature discrete blue electrolytic filter capacitor ‘cans’ (C1x).


  • Shut down and lock out all power to ATevo.
  • Wait several minutes to allow internal voltage potentials in capacitors to bleed off.
  • Remove safety shield, and check with a voltmeter.

For ATevo models rated 16-50 Adc:

  • See also Service Instruction (JD5078-00).
  • Along left side of ATevo, locate the Filter Capacitor Board (A7) assembly on top of heatsink, above power board and rectifier.

Removal of Existing Board:

  • Remove two (2) nuts from studs connecting Power Board (A2) to capacitor board.
  • Remove one (1) screw at top-center of Filter Board.
  • Remove existing capacitor board assembly.

Installation of Replacement Board:

  • Place new Filter Board (A7) onto studs of Power Board, and replace two (2) nuts and one (1) screw.
  • Replace safety shield, and close front panel door.
  • Restart ATevo.

For ATevo models rated 75-100 Adc:

  • See also Service Instruction (JD5078-01).
  • Locate the C1 discrete capacitor can(s) near the top-left of the enclosure.

Removal of Existing Capacitor (C1x) Assembly:

  • Remove the screws attaching the capacitor to connection wires and/or bus bar.
  • Loosen the screw on the capacitor bracket at the bottom of the capacitor mounting.
  • Make note of polarization ± of the capacitor screw terminals.
  • Remove capacitor(s) from bracket(s).

Installation of New C1 Capacitor Assembly:

  • Place new capacitor(s) into brackets maintaining the same polarity as the one(s) removed.
  • Tighten the screw(s) on the capacitor bracket(s).
  • Reconnect the connection wires and/or bus bars in the same location using the capacitor terminal screws.
  • Replace safety shield, and close front panel door.
  • Restart ATevo.
Last modified: 12 September 2023