• For Style-5070, see also Service Instruction (JD5079-01).
  • For Style-5030, see also Service Instruction (JD5079-02)
  • For Style-163 & -198, see also Service Instruction (JD5079-02)


  • Shut down and lock out all power to ATevo.
  • Remove safety shield, and check with a voltmeter.
  • MOV Board (A9) is bolted directly to the ac input terminals.
  • Remove the three (3) screws that connect the Transformer (T1) primary wire lugs to the MOV Board (A9).
  • Loosen mounting hardware, and remove old MOV Board.
  • Install new (replacement) MOV Board (A9) onto I/O studs.
  • Reinstall mounting hardware to secure MOV Board.
  • Reconnect Transformer (T1) primary wires to MOV Board (A9).
  • Reinstall three (3) screws through lugs that connect MOV Board (A9) to primary wires, and tighten nuts.
  • Replace safety shield, and close front panel door.
  • Restart ATevo.
Last modified: 13 September 2023