Floor-mounting is the standard method of installing all 3PH ATevo enclosure styles. When floor-mounting ATevo, consider the following:

  1. Refer to table below for external NEMA Type-1 outline drawing, overall dimensions, mounting hole pattern, and hardware mounting specs.
  2. Be conscious of planned ac input and dc output wiring to the ATevo selecting conduit entrances carefully.
  3. Location requirements:
    1. Free of drips and splatter. If falling particles and liquids are a problem, install a NEMA Type-2 drip shield accessory.
    2. Between 0 and 122 °F / -18 and 50 °C, with relative humidity between 0% and 95% non-condensing.
    3. Must be free of flammable or explosive materials.
  4. Maintain at least 6in /152mm of free air on all vented surfaces for cooling.
  5. Allow 36in /914mm front clearance for operation and maintenance.


  1. Install four anchor bolts (not supplied with unit) into the floor.
  2. Refer to table below for anchor bolt size and mounting dimensions.
  3. Carefully lift the ATevo above the anchor bolts, guide the enclosure onto the floor bolt pattern and lower it into place.
  4. Add appropriate mounting hardware to the anchor bolts and tighten securely.


Enclosure Style -5070 -5030 -163 -198
Outline Drawing JE5331-00 JE5337-00 JE5361-00 JE5351-00
Overall Height 38.46in 54.25in 62.62in 80.00in
977mm 1378mm 1591mm 2032mm
Overall Width 19.87in 30.00in 42.25in 58.00in
504mm 762mm 1073mm 1473mm
Overall Depth 18.55in 19.14in 25.06in 30.00in
471mm 486mm 637mm 762mm
Mounting WW 17.87in 27.95in 40.50in 52.01in
505mm 710mm 1029mm 1321mm
Mounting DD 9.00in 15.00in 18.00in 18.00in
229mm 381mm 457mm 457mm
Rear Clearance 5.15in 2.15in 3.00in 6.00in
131mm 54.5mm 76.2mm 152mm
Mounting Hardware 1/4-20 3/8-16 1/2-13 1/2-13
6.4mm 9.5mm 12.7mm 12.7mm
Model ~ Range 16-100 Adc 100-300 Adc 250-600 Adc 600-1000 Adc
Last modified: 13 September 2023