ATevo High Level Detect has a dedicated hardware circuit that detects if the dc bus voltage is above a configurable set point. If the dc voltage rises above the set point threshold for more than 30 seconds, the circuit disables the output drivers (rectifier controllers) and forces the Common Alarm Relay to the active state.

The High Level Detect is a true failsafe feature in that it can shut down the charger by disabling the rectifier control signals. This circuit works independent of the microprocessor and will override the rectifier control. The High Level Detect will shut down the charger output circuitry should a catastrophic microprocessor failure occur, turning the rectifier to the full on condition.

If the High Level Detect shutdown occurs, the circuit latches until the charger is restarted by recycling both the AC Input (CB1) and DC Output (CB2) Circuit Breakers. The High Level Detect circuit has a dedicated Analog High Level Detect Shutdown alarm LED, that illuminates if the High Level Detect condition is triggered. The Analog High Voltage Shutdown alarm LED is on the Main Control Board. You will need to open ATevo’s front panel door to view the Analog High Voltage Shutdown alarm LED.

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Last modified: 1 February 2024