• Shut down and lock out all power to ATevo.
  • Remove safety shield.
  • Disconnect the battery and dc load(s) from the DC Output Circuit Breaker (CB2+/-).
  • Check with a voltmeter before proceeding.
  • Make sure rectifier/heat sink assembly (A6) has cooled.

Removal of Existing Rectifier:

  • Disconnect wires and ribbon cable from Power Board rectifier assembly.
  • Remove two (2) bolts securing rectifier assembly at top and bottom of heat sink extrusion.
  • Pull rectifier assembly straight out toward front of assembly.
  • Remove four (4) screws that attach Power Board to assembly.
  • Remove screw that attaches Filter Board to assembly.
  • If an Auxiliary I/O Board is present, remove four (4) screws that attach it to assembly.
  • Lift and remove all boards from heat sink assembly and rectifier assembly.

Installation of New Rectifier:

  • Plug removed boards onto new heat sink and rectifier assembly.
  • Make sure all spade connections on bottom of Power Board (A2) are correctly seated on new rectifier.
  • Replace all board mounting screws.
  • Insert new (replacement) rectifier assembly into enclosure.
  • Install mounting bolts on top and bottom of heat sink extrusion.
  • Reconnect wires to rectifier and Power Board (A2).
  • Replace safety shield and close front panel door.
  • Restart ATevo.
Last modified: 13 September 2023